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About us

An idea-driven organization

HCM Tradução Jurídica is an organization driven by ideas.


In a world where innovation and technology revolutionize communication, the role of the translator is not simply to convert words from one language to another.


A translator must become a project manager, listening to their client, understanding their objectives, success conditions and specificities of the linguistic exchange in question.


Working with responsibility, confidentiality, agility and semantic fidelity, HCM seeks to consolidate itself as a translation boutique for high complexity projects, by getting involved in the translation of books, articles, contracts, processes, policies, portfolios, among other documents from the legal and technical world.


Based on ideas brought by clients, we bring innovation to our linguistic services. Along with our clients, we strive to innovate:

  • in the products developed: manuals, software, applications, dashboards;

  • in the format and presentation of the service: translation, versioning, glossary creation, interpretation, localization/tropicalization; and

  • in quality control: with SLAs, collaboration tools, and project milestones.

Our mission is to facilitate international legal and corporate communication, in various contexts, formats and needs, through agile and excellent translation.

Image by Vishnu Mohanan


HCM was founded in Brasília, Brazil, in 2011.

In the last 11 years, we have already served companies with operations all over the world, always in the areas of language, law, business, and politics.

In recent years,we have based our work on 3 guidelines.

  • Strengthening relationships with our clients, through active listening and tailored services;

  • Continuing R&D, with new tools and formats, optimizing processes and ensuring quality; and

  • Approaching new segments, with technical training, participation in associations and industry-specific events.

The world of translation allows us to build different types of knowledge, in several professional linguistic situations. It is always rewarding to receive grateful feedbacks from clients and to witness their good results.

Our Team

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