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Tailor-made linguistic services

Legal translation

  • What is it? Legal translation uses reliable sources to achieve an intelligible, and culturally coherent final text, respecting differences in legal customs which are inherent to international communications.

  • Main services: English-Portuguese-Spanish translation, document review, simultaneous interpretation of meetings and hearings,

  • Documents: Contracts, legal opinions, reports, fee proposals, bills, corporate documents, application forms for international legal rankings, scientific articles, etc.

Patent translation

  • What is it? Reliable and consistent translation of the intellectual property documents of a creation. 

  • Main services: Portuguese-English-Spanish translation with terminological and technical rigor,  and collection of patent applications (INPI, USPTO: FY2022 EFS-Web, Intellectual Property Office: UK PF.

  • Documents: Deposit forms, descriptive reports, claims, abstracts, industrial design and schematics, other documents necessary to patent filing (power of attorney, country of origin document, assignment document, etc.).

Regulatory and government advisory

  • What is it? Regulatory advisory activity oriented to the client's business objectives. We produce guidelines on how to interpret regulations or how to process a document in the most varied government agencies.

    HCM offers a comprehensive and systemic view of regulatory bodies and the business environment. Seeking transparency and stakeholder engagement, it is possible. navigate the complex  Brazilian regulatory environment.

  • Successful projects: Assistance to foreign companies in the sectors of ICT, road engineering, agricultural research and development and payment services.

  • Main services and documents: Government requests, responses to letters, registration forms, translation of technical notes and administrative opinions.

Medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary translation

  • What is it? Medical translation is a specialized field of translation since, In addition to great responsibility, it requires knowledge of conventions, jargon and other forms of terminological equivalence.

  • Main services: English-Portuguese-Spanish translation, document review, simultaneous interpretation of lectures and conferences.

  • Documents: Medical records, insurance documents, consent forms, scientific articles, regulations and legislation, test results, medical reports.

Technical translation

  • What is it? Technical translation aims to present versions of technical documentation with terminological precision, in addition to the required normative adaptations

  • Main services English-Portuguese-Spanish translation, document review, simultaneous interpretation of meetings and hearings, normative research, contact with industry-specific regulatory bodies.

  • Documents Software, dashboards, manuals, presentations, forms and corporate and regulatory documents, ordinances and technical standards, admission and dismissal documents.


  • What is it? Some projects require more than literal translation of documents. Sometimes it is necessary to adapt the content to national legislation. This is common, for example, in compliance and data protection clauses. In these cases, in addition to the translation, it is necessary to conduct extensive research, involving relevant norms, regulations and jurisprudence.

  • Documents: Contracts, employment contracts, terms, policies, letters, registration forms, package inserts, labels, manuals and portfolios.

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