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Understanding the Brazilian legislative process: Ordinary Bill of Law

The work of HCM Tradução Jurídica is to translate the Brazilian legal system for foreign audiences, streamlining international legal and corporate communication.

For this reason, today we bring you an infographic in English with the processing of ordinary bills of law in the Brazilian Congress, based on our own Glossary of Legislative Terms.

The legislative process comprises the drafting, analysis and voting of several types of bills whose processing we will be translating gradually on this blog:

  • ordinary laws

  • provisional decrees

  • amendments to the Constitution

  • legislative decrees

  • resolutions

  • and others.

Our vision of translation is not restricted to finding the equivalent legal institute in another legal system (American, British, etc.). Nor do we believe in translating terms literally. Remembering the Italian proverb (traduttore, traditore), we seek a middle ground where, preserving the original Brazilian semantic content, we build solutions that are intelligible to the international public.

A complicated task, which is, for this very reason, our mission.

In today's post, we have adapted the image into English from the infographic shown on the Câmara dos Deputados website. Check out the infographic of the legislative process for ordinary bills below.

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