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Compilation of sources and references: legal translations

Compilation of sources and references: legal translations

See below sources and references for Portuguese-English legal translation


Recently, we mentioned that Portuguese-English legal translation should pay attention to the specificities of the Brazilian Public Administration. On our Glossary of the names of Brazilian public bodies in English, we showed how our legal system may confuse Brazilian and foreign stakeholders.

Government translation initiatives are sparse and vary from body to body. Furthermore, administrative changes are frequent: secretariats are created and extinct, they change names, lexical standardization projects are started and abandoned, and agencies miscommunicate and translate the same institute in different ways.

For these reasons, legal translation from Portuguese requires, in addition to grammatical knowledge, that we surround ourselves with sources and references that allow us to achieve consistent and professional results with translation.

Check below some public sources and references to facilitate legal translation.

Compilado de fontes e referências: tradução jurídica

Laws and regulations translated into English

- Constituição federal - Federal Constitution:

  • Tradução STF (2022): Link

  • Tradução Senado Federal (2013): Link

  • Tradução Câmara (2010): Link

  • Ato das Disposições Constitucionais Transitórias: Link

- Código de Processo Civil - Civil Procedure Code: Link

- Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Econômica - Administrative Council of Economic Defense:

  • Lei 12.529/2011 (Lei do CADE): Link

  • Regimento Interno (RICADE): Link

- Código de Defesa do Consumidor - Consumer Defense Code: Link

- Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (Lei 13.709/18) - General Data Protection Act: Link

- Lei de Combate à Corrupção (Lei 12.846/13) - Anticorruption Act: Link

- Marco Civil da Internet (Lei 12.965/14) - Internet Civil Framework: Link


  • Glossário de termos legislativos do Congresso Nacional brasileiro - Glossary of Legislative Terms by the Brazilian National Congress: Link

  • Legislative Glossary (Congresso Americano): Link

  • Glossário de termos investigativos (Corrupção, Leniência, Compliance): Link

  • Glossary of Law Enforcement (USA): Link

  • English-Portuguese Dictionary of Military Terminology: Link

Other references

  • Dicionário de Direito, Economia e Contabilidade - Marcílio Moreira de Castro: Link

  • Black's Law Dictionary

  • McGraw's Hill Spanish and English Legal Dictionary

  • UNODC selected Brazilian Legislation on Drugs and Crime: Link

  • The World Law Dictionary (Translegal): Link



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